Friday, April 9, 2010

Why Buying Diamonds Online Is Cheaper

If you are looking for someplace to invest in these chaotic financial times, you are probably looking at gold and diamonds. For gold, you have a choice of gold stocks, gold jewelry, and certificate of deposits backed by gold. If you’re looking for loose diamonds, you’re going to get them from a retailer (and pay a heavy mark-up), or you’ll end up buying them online, where you can get them wholesale.

Why Online Sales Are Less Expensive

The very first reason you’re sure to get a better deal online is the sales model. In a retail store, sales people work on commission and they are sure to want to sell you the most expensive diamond they can to get a larger commission. Online, there are no sales people, and instead you get to browse an inventory via a search engine that allows you to search for exactly what you want, even if you want to do it by price tag. In a retail store, the price tags are often hidden under the jewelry so that you have to ask them to bring them out. In this way, you will probably eye something outside your budget and then the sales person can urge you to buy it anyway! Talk about pressure!

Larger Inventories Make for Better Deals

A regular retailer will only have the inventory that is in their store. Online stores can partner with various vendors to locate all kinds of diamonds in different price ranges and of different quality. By cutting out the middleman (the retailer) you can locate diamonds online at wholesale prices, without having to have a wholesale license to buy! If you subscribe to their sites you can even get notice of special sales and promotions and it’s far more convenient to buy online than offline. It’s not a matter of wasting gas to check out what’s in the store. Instead, you just hop online, browse an inventory of thousands of diamonds online, and get the best deal you can without even walking outside your door.

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