Sunday, January 19, 2014

Loreal Feria Hair Color

I just recently started coloring my hair so I haven't really tried many hair colors or hair dye.  Plus, I didn't really find too many reviews that are based just a specific color but rather by brand.  So, I wanted to post a Loreal Feria review for the Espresso/Deeply Brown #40 color hair dye that I bought to color my hair.  

My natural hair color is very dark brown and I was looking to go a little lighter because the dark brown hair dyes look almost black to me.  I read some reviews that said this color was pretty dark so I thought it might be the shade I was looking for.  I was also curious to try Loreal Feria because of the shimmering hair color and 3X the highlights. I thought it sounded better than regular hair color and maybe a little less boring for hair color that you do at home.

The product didn't have a strong smell, which was good.  Then there is a small tube of liquid that looked like it was the shimmer because it literally looked like fine glitter.  So, I put everything in the mixing bottle and put it on my hair and waited for I think 25 minutes which is a little longer than some other brands. I have longer than shoulder length hair and I had just about enough to cover my hair, a little more would have been perfect. So, after 25 minutes, I rinsed like you would normally rinse out hair color and applied the conditioner.  Some reviews said the tube of conditioner lasted them for a while, but I will have less than 2 uses for longer than shoulder length hair.

The result of the color - lighter than I expected.  It lightened my dark brown hair and looks like a slight reddish brown.  Not exactly the color you picture when you hear the word 'espresso.'  The shimmer is pretty much like a fine glitter because I noticed it on my hands and clothes the next day.  Not really some type of advanced hair color, just shimmery glitter.  My hair seems a bit dry, which I don't like and didn't expect after almost finishing the tube of conditioner.  Plus, I noticed that it didn't do a good job of covering some sparse gray hairs that I have. 

After washing my hair the first time after I colored it, you notice that the shimmer kind of washes out and the gray hair is more noticeable, like if the color washed off of them.  I don't think Loreal Feria Hair Color is necessarily bad, maybe if you don't have gray hairs.  I wish they had a darker brown to try, maybe I would have been happier if the color didn't come out reddish brown which is not what I was looking for.  I also don't see any difference between the shimmering highlights and shiny hair.  I would have liked if the color was a little less drying, as well, because it caused tangles in my hair.  So, it is safe to say that I would not buy this hair color again.