Sunday, November 14, 2010

If you love natural and organic products, you will definitely love EO Products. EO has these amazing soaps, bath & body, shampoos, conditioners and even home cleaning products. I have been using their hand foaming and liquid hand soap, hand sanitizer gel & hand sanitzer spray.

I have the foaming hand soap in lavender & vanilla and grapefruit & mint. The lavender & vanilla smells so calming and wonderful. The grapefruit & mint smells invigorating and fresh. I also have the liquid hand soap in french lavender and peppermint & tea tree. The french lavender is also very calming and just smells beautiful. The peppermint & tea tree smells fresh and energizing.

I have the sanitizing hand gel & spray in organic lavender. It's not like other hand sanitizers that leave your hands sticky after you use them. EO's sanitizers are moisturizing and dry quickly, they also smell great and don't smell like alcohol.

EO's products are all natural and organic, with ingredients like aloe vera, essential oils, organic extracts and botanicals. Not only do their products smell amazing, they're great for your skin too. You can order their products from their website or you can even pick up their products at Target. The next time you're at Target, pick something up, you definitely won't be disappointed. I can't wait to try more of EO's products.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Fresh Brown Sugar Lip Polish

No matter how much lip balm I use, I have a problem with dry, chapped lips. With the colder weather coming, I have been looking for something that will help me with my dry lips. I finally found something that is a huge help, it's from Fresh - Brown Sugar Lip Polish.

I already loved the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment but I haven't bought it in a while (which is probably why my lips got so dry in the first place. So, when I went to pick up a tube, I found this lip polish that I just had to try.

It has a great texture and isn't too abrasive. It removes just enough of the dry skin without over doing it, which is what I am usually afraid of when I use any kind of scrub. It has a great scent, and doesn't taste bad either.

You can pick yours up at Sephora for $22.50. It might seem a little steep, but you really don't need to use a lot, a little goes a long way. When you're done, use you Fresh Sugar lip treatment for an amazing treatment, or just use your favorite lip balm. If you don't, your lips might feel a bit dry since you removed a layer of skin.