Saturday, December 25, 2010

Korres Brightening and Anti-Aging Rose Collection

Sorry I haven't made a post in quite a while but I've been job hunting and that definitely took up all of my time. But, that's over and I was able to go to one of my favorite stores - Sephora - and pick up some great stuff at a great bargain.

I don't like using the same products all of the time, even if I really like something. I just get bored with the same stuff everyday. That's why I'm always looking for new things even when I do find something that works. So, I was ready to try a different skin care regimen and was really interested in this Korres Brightening and Anti-Aging Rose Collection. First off, the price is amazing - $ 54 for 6 items! You get: Wild Rose Moisturizer, Wild Rose Serum, Wild Rose Mask, Rose Showergel, Rose Body Butter & Wild Rose Lip Butter.

Everything smells great and they're full of antioxidants from the rose flower. I never knew roses had antioxidants in them. And, being Korres products, they're all natural - which is great. All of the products also contain Vitamin C which is really great for your skin since it increases radiance , revitalizes and smooths out skin texture.

I have been using this for a few weeks now and I really love it. I have combination skin so I do get pimples occasionally and this stuff has really helped keep my skin more clear. My skin tone also seems more even and my face looks really smooth. All of the products in the set are great, there isn't even one that I don't like. Korres really knows what they're doing, I really haven't tried anything from them that I don't like.

You should definitely try this set, it smells great, it's all natural and it's a great deal. If you were to buy 6 items separately (from any brand), it would cost quite a bit. For $ 54, you really can't go wrong with this skin care set from Korres.