Monday, December 28, 2009

Lancôme 'Pure Focus' Pore Tightening Toner with Matifying Powders

I have always had a problem with large pores. No matter what facial cleanser I tried or what type of exfoliator I used, nothing really helped. I bought so many beauty products that claimed to be pore tightening (drugstore & department store brands) but I never noticed a difference.

I have been wanting to try a new toner lately (I was using Clinique for a while). Nothing was wrong with my Clinique toner but I get bored with products - even if I like something. Plus, the Clinique toner didn't seem to do anything amazing - it just tingled when I would use it but I didn't notice much else. So, I have been looking for a new toner for a while and came across Pure Focus from Lancome.

I really like how Lancome described this toner - skin purifying, pore tightening & matifying to help shine disappear for fresh matte skin. The matifying part really sounded great because on top of having large pores, I have oily skin -especially on my t-zone, so I bought it.

Well, I have been using this toner for about a week and I am shocked that my pores actually look tighter already!!! I am so happy - it also keeps by face looking less oily. To me, when your pores look smaller, you look a little younger. I absolutely love this toner! Another bonus is that it isn't too expensive - $24.00 If you have a problem with large pores & oily skin, you should definitely try this one - I doubt you'll be disappointed.

Plus, if you buy Lancome from Nordstrom & spend $50, you get a beautiful eyeshadow compact (pictured below & ONLINE ONLY). So, if you're looking for a new toner or just want to try this fabulous toner, order it from Nordstrom online and get a great gift as well. I was searching all of the department stores to buy my toner from and maybe get a gift with purchase, but nobody is giving any gifts lately - not sure why.


  1. Wow I defintely need something like this! Great review.

  2. Thanks for the review. will check it out. I have large pores with pimple scars due to acne.

  3. tHIS IS A GREAT REVIEW. i think i'm gonna buy this for my mums birthday :) thank youuuu

    i'm havin a competition for 2010. The prize is a beautiful Lancome eyecolour palette:

    Come join us <3

  4. $24 sounds really cheap for that stuff actually.

  5. Lancome has been a boon specially for modern working women.Stress and heat surely affect the skin making the pores larger. This Lancome comes to help those women.

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