Monday, December 14, 2009

Philosophy Eye Hope™ Advanced Anti-Aging Eye Cream

I was waiting to try Eye Hope from Philosophy for quite some time, but I had to finish an eye cream that I was using plus many samples. I finally bought this eye cream about 1 month ago and I absolutely love it.

Eye Hope is an anti-aging eye cream that also helps with puffiness and dark circles. Since I have dark circles no matter what I do, I had to try this. I always thought that I would just never get rid of my dark circles, because I have tried so many eye creams and I never saw any change.

When I first applied Eye Hope, I noticed that it tingles a little. It didn't bother me, but people with sensitive skin might have more of a burning sensation. To me, it makes me think that it's working. I like the way it goes on, not too greasy - but not too thin either.

After using Eye Hope for a while, I noticed that the circles under my eyes were not as dark anymore - yay! I'm so happy that an eye cream finally works for me and does what it says. The skin around my eyes looks moisturized and healthy and my dark circles look much, much lighter.

I would definitely buy Eye Hope again since this is an amazing eye cream. I love Philosophy beauty products because for me, they pretty much always do what they claim to do and I love that!


  1. I use the Philosophy shower gel....great blog!

  2. Great review! I love Philosophy and I haven't even tried it, LOL Is that wrong?

  3. I'm in my late twenties and am on the hunt for a great eye cream. I've got fine lines around my eyes now! Ack!

    Good review! :)