Saturday, August 20, 2011

New Dior Eye Shadow Palette for Fall

Fall is one of my favorite Seasons because I love the change in the weather and the crisp cool air. The other thing I like about Fall is the new make up that comes out. This year, the make up is nothing less than fabulous! One item that I really love is this new eyeshadow palette from Dior called Blue Tie Palette.

This eyeshadow palette consists of smoky silver and navy shadows and it comes in a beautifully sleek metal compact. All of the colors are great, it's not like some of those palettes where you only like one or two colors in the compact. You will definitely enjoy all of them. The eyeshadow goes on smooth and really lasts throughout the day. These colors are so perfect that they will look great on any skin tone.

There are other items in this Blue Tie Collection such as lipstick and nail polish so that you can tie your look together. Definitely check out this fabulous new Fall collection by Dior, you won't be disappointed.

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