Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Clinique Moisture Surge

When Clinique came out with Moisture Surge, I wanted to try it because I love Clinique products. Of course, this was another great product from Clinique. Moisture surge is a gel like cream that you can use over moisturizer or on bare skin. It's very lightweight and instantly hydrates your skin when you need it.

I use Moisture Surge when it's a little too hot for any other kind moisturizer but I don't want to skip and not put on anything at all. It feels light and isn't greasy, plus it absorbs right away.

In the winter, I use it over my moisturizer when my skin gets dry. Sometimes, when it's so cold and it feels like your moisturizer just isn't enough, this stuff is great. It's kind of like a multi-purpose moisturizer.

This is a great cream to have instead of having so many different jars of cream because you never know what you'll need everyday. Plus, this isn't as expensive as many of the regular beauty creams are (1.7oz. is $34 & the big 3.4oz. is $46.50). So, you can have your favorite moisturizer and keep this for whenever you need it.

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