Saturday, October 5, 2013

Sephora Collection Makeup Academy Palette

SEPHORA COLLECTION - Makeup Academy Palette

Makeup Academy Palette

Sephora has come out with this years Makeup Academy Palette and it is just beautiful. Sephora's makeup palettes are just a great value for what you get.  If you're a makeup pro, you'll love it for all of the choices you have in one palette.  If you're just beginning to experiment with makeup, you'll also love it because you have almost everything you need in just one palette.  This is great as a gift for a teenager in your life who is just starting out with makeup or for anyone you know that loves makeup.

This Makeup Academy Palette consists of:

- 72 x 0.014 oz eye shadow 
- 10 x 0.017 oz lip gloss 
- 18 x 0.010 oz lip gloss 
- 7 x 0.029 oz blush 
- 18 x 0.011 oz eyeliner creme 
- 3 x 0.023 oz concealer 
- 0.032 oz eye shadow primer 
- 0.032 oz lip primer 
- 2 x double-ended sponge tip applicator 
- Double-ended eye shadow brush 
- Double-ended blush brush 
- Mirror

Sephora makeup palettes great quality and the colors have great pigment.  What's nice about having so many colors to choose from (130 makeup colors in all!) is that it works great for any skin tone.  

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