Sunday, March 21, 2010

It seems like I always have to switch the cleanser that I use because whenever I find something good, my skin gets used to it. So, since my skin has been acting up for a little while now, I decided to try Clinique Acne Solutions Clarifying Foam cleanser. I was constantly getting little pimples all over my forehead and around my chin, which is quite embarassing when you're in your 30's.

I tend to stay away from products that are specifically geared towards acne because they usually tend to dry out my skin. But, since I was kind of desperate, I went ahead and bought this cleanser. Suprisingly, it doesn't dry out my skin and within a couple of days, it really started clearing up my face. My skin started to look so much smoother. After I noticed such a difference, I was disappointed that I was so used to how my skin was looking, that I didn't know how bad it actually was. After about 2 weeks now, my face looks great.

I am so impressed with this cleanser that I'm going to buy the Acne Solutions toner too. I can't wait to see if my skin gets even better. I just really hope that my skin can stay this way and the products don't lose their effect, otherwise, I'm going to have to look for something new again.

I added the Clinique Acne Solutions kit in my widget to the right of this page, under my 'followers' in case anyone is interested in buying it. I like that I can just click on it and order quickly. I have a new job and can't really make it to the stores that often anymore, so it's really convenient.

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